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Meet Katie:

I’ll help you and your business work better by managing what goes on behind the scenes.


“Is this something only I can do? Do I need to do it?”

Questions we don’t ask ourselves enough, but by knowing the answers, will be able to scale your business, grow with ease, and keep all the plates spinning at the same time.

I work with business owners who want the time, energy and confidence to focus on what they do best, what they enjoy, and what brings the most revenue in their business to really grow them and their business.

Business owners work with me for a confident, proactive approach to online business management that provides structure to what goes on behind the scenes, support in turning ideas into actions, keeping projects on track, and your sanity in check.

So, if the answer to the questions at the top of this page was “yes” then you need to keep doing it.  If it was a “no” then there is another way.

Welcome to Virtually Does it

I created Virtually Does It in 2010  to help business owners be more organised, more productive, grow their businesses and enjoy working in them too.

What soon became clear was the conventional ways of running a business, our default settings, were making things clunky, stressful and time-consuming. Spreadsheets, folders, Word documents, the traditional ‘Things to Do Today’ pad were sometimes a recipe for clunky, stressful and time-consuming processes.

Throw into the mix the new world of online work with ever evolving platforms to try and keep up with.

And don’t forget we’re actually here to run a business too, with the rollercoaster of  excitement, ideas, and enthusiasm that comes with wanting to take on the world.

Working with Executive Management for just over 15 years taught me that you need to have an unflappable flair for dealing succinctly and creatively with anything that comes your way.

From being involved in and managing projects that help aspiring teams of PAs and administrators expand their skills to create a rewarding career, supporting a dynamic international entrepreneur managing a multi-million dollar portfolio, implementing new systems, processes and cultures to make everything work better or providing high class Executive support to directors who need the confidence and foundation to be at their best. 

Working with such inspiring people and supporting different businesses firmly rooted a belief that to make a business truly work, the how, the why and the what all need to work together.

Want to find out more?  Why not get in touch for a FREE 30 minute Goodbye Overwhelm Hello Headspace session to see how you could make your business work better.

I’m on a mission to support businesses be the best they can be, with everything running smoothly in the background. It’s not just about the business, but the person who makes it all happen too. You can read about some happy clients I’m already making this happen for here and here

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Praise for Virtually Does It

She’s smart, and works really well when you let her understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve. The chances are that she’ll have ideas you won’t have had. And that if you run with them, you’ll get a better, more value-added outcome, than you’d imagined.

Christine Livingston, Livingston Consulting