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Are you missing a source of inspiration?

Are you missing a source of inspiration
I had a lovely email greet me last Friday morning from one of my clients…

“I’ve just started my day by reading some really inspirational blogs which thoroughly engaged me and made me want to improve my business – yours!”

It was a lovely surprise, and I am really pleased that my blogs are making people want to make their businesses better places to be. That’s my aim! 
I wrote recently about really getting to know the people that you work with, what they can do and how they can help you. Often we work with others for a specific service and don’t aways realise the breadth of what else they can offer.  
In the case with this client, I provide the more traditional admin services, that’s why she approached me to work with her, and that’s what she needs, but having now become more familiar with my business as a whole, I’ll now be helping her time and task management too.  It’s great that I can support her with this aspect of her business too.
It also got me thinking about how much we really know about the people we work with and what they do.  Although we might not need all of what a specific business offers, we never know when we might, or when we can recommend their services to others.  

Think of who you work with and take the time to read their website, or subscribe to their list for updates (you can subscribe to mine here!), you might get inspiration for your own business, and you’ll get to know their business better too. 

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