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Create space, not time.

create space not time

Why is everyone so short of time?

Why do we fool ourselves in to thinking that if we take on support for our business, that we’ll have lots of free time where we used to do what we now have help with?  

OK, so that’s not strictly the case, as ‘free time’ in this sense can be not doing the boring stuff but doing the fun stuff instead, so you haven’t got free time with nothing to do (what’s that?!), but you have the space you need to focus on other areas of your business to make it work better for you.  

Space.  The magic word in the last sentence that will shift your mindset from thinking you never have enough time to do anything, to space to make a difference to your to-do list.

Unless you’re savvy with how you manage your time, your tasks, your commitments, and work on your productivity, I will bet you a Big Bag of Cadbury’s Giant Chocolate Buttons that you will fill any time in your diary with something mundane, or you may not mean to, but before you know it you’ll be doing something that you didn’t intend.  Spending time on the seemingly urgent, rather than having space for the important.

Space and time.  Aren’t they the same?

I see space and time as totally different.  Think about saying this to yourself and see what feels better…..

“I have time this afternoon to do that”

“I have space this afternoon to do that”

Which one did you choose?

“I have time” often means you might have an hour, you’ll be clock watching, you’ll probably be in working-in-your-business mode and have the tendency to feel rushed as you know you have a limited ‘time slot’ to fit in what you need.  

“I have space” a whole hour (or more) to work on your business, free from outwardly facing noise to work on what you need to.  You may still only have an hour, but the notion of having space feels more relaxed, more purposeful and more productive.

It’s not just how you use your time, but how you label it.  

All sound a bit woo woo?  

Try it.  Next time you want to work on your business rather than in it – put “space for” in front of whatever it is you’re doing.  So it could be “Space for blog writing” or “Space for website updates”.  Notice the difference, both in how you approach that task and your productivity.  

Make time to create space.

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