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Default settings. Are they holding your business back?

Default Settings are they holding your business back

We all have a certain way of doing things.  A way we’re comfortable with, a way we like, a way that we know all the ins and outs of exactly how to do what we’re doing.  We know it works and we’re happy with it.  They’re our business habits.  A bit like our morning coffee or tea.  It’s what we do.

Our default settings.

But what if our default settings are holding us and our businesses back? 

What if there is a better way of doing ‘the thing’ and it all made so much more sense, was easier, less time consuming, increased our productivity and workflows, and the outcome was the same and maybe even better?

This is so true when it comes to the building blocks of business.  Those tasks that have to be done that just make things tick.  In some cases, the most important ones. We often find ourselves using what we always have. A spreadsheet for logging expenses (we need something that adds up), a PowerPoint for a presentation (that’s what we always had ‘at work’ and we see it all the time at conferences and seminars), our contact cards in our email client for names and addresses (easy to look up), the little ‘Secret Notebook At The Back Of The Cupboard’ for passwords (saves trying to remember them all).  That’s what we think we need as we know it works.

I’m here to give you a little nudge out of your comfort zone to make things work better. Read on…..

They’re not all bad….

OK, so maybe I was a bit harsh on default settings, they can be great.  If you enjoy working the way you do, your systems are efficient, do exactly what you need, are robust enough to do your business justice then you’ve cracked it. Well done!  All I would add to this is don’t become so wedded to them that you start to feel the strain when you could really do with upgrading what you’re doing to benefit you, your clients, and your business.

But then it can all go wrong… 

It’s when you’re so stuck in your default settings but you’re still soldiering on even though things are beginning to struggle, that’s when it can turn ugly. That’s the problem, we carry on and on, because we always have, reluctant to change in case it upsets the business more, in case we lose what we have already done, or we can’t get on with our new way of working and end up going back to where we started.

It really is worth the effort to look at what you’re doing and find out if you can do it better. 

Businesses do suffer if systems don’t keep up.  Not only taking more of your time and energy to sort out, stalling your business growth, and perhaps reflecting badly on your business service to clients too.  We really don’t want to get to that stage, so what can be done? 

Try this…

Take time to have a review of the systems in your business that you think are struggling, you don’t like using, or you’re sure there is a better way.  For instance, if you want to move to online accounting, have a look at KashflowXero and Freshbooks.

How about taking time to look at how you organise yourself too?  Take a look at some task management and productivity platforms such as Todoist (my favourite) and Trello

Too close to your business to see the wood for the trees? Then get in touch for 30 minutes of FREE time with me on how to make you business work better, and switch those default settings!

I’d love to hear about any default settings you know you have that work, or perhaps you used to have that you needed to change for the better!  

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