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Holiday Perspective

Holiday Perspective

I can’t believe I have been back from holiday three weeks.  I’m very pleased to say that it isn’t now a distant memory but still very much in my mind.  I loved the space, the sunshine, the sightseeing, the food, no alarm clocks, no lunch boxes, no general life admin that we get swept up in…when can I go back please?

If you read my previous blog post just before I went away, Holidays Made Easy, you’ll remember I wrote about the planning that we solo biz owners need to do to really have a ‘proper holiday’.  I just wanted to quickly let you know that doing what I did before I went away made a huge impact on how I felt on holiday, knowing that everything was done, and the first week back was a breeze too, because everything was so organised before I went.  Priceless.  

A heads up too that I’m about to launch a Holiday Countdown Bundle in time for the summer, so you too can go on holiday knowing that you have everything covered.  Let me know if you’d like a preview before it goes live next week. 

So, back to the purpose of this blog. What the holiday taught me about business and what I have done since. 

If I didn’t know it already, the holiday taught me that we all need time away from our businesses and our daily routines.  Sounds obvious doesn’t it?  Then why do so many solo business owners find it so hard to take a real holiday? We need time to connect with ourselves again.  The pace of life and business now can be so fast, that sometimes we feel outside factors, whatever they may be, are influencing and driving us more than they should be.  We need to side step and recharge.  To regain perspective.

And what can we gain from this perspective? 

Inspiration.  Motivation.  Energy.  Action.  Happiness.  Headspace.

All things which benefit us as people and us as business owners. 

And what have I put into action since I have been back? 

  • Launched my e-book The V Useful Guide To Working With Virtual Support – get your copy here if you haven’t already. Woo hoo!
  • Reviewed the first 6 months of 2016 and broadly planned the next. 
  • Planned what marketing I will be doing over the next 2 months.
  • Put pen to paper (or pen to Magic Whiteboard!) to make ideas I’ve had for a while become actions. 
  • Got back in touch with people I hadn’t spoken to in a while. 
  • Tightened up my systems and processes to make sure everything is as efficient as possible to be the best I can. 
  • Been less desk-bound and clock-bound – what is 9-5 anyway?!  Ahh, the freedom! 

Some of this was in the pipeline to happen anyway, so isn’t all down to going on holiday, but what’s different is the motivation and energy I had to plan it in to my day to day business to get it done.  I’m not going to own up to how long the e-book had been written and sat on my computer….

My business survived.  All the planning I had done made everything work like a dream. 

So, as you plan your holidays, whether that’s time away or at home, go into it set up and organised, and come back ready to make a difference.  I did, and I still am. 

If you have been on a ‘proper holiday’ I’d love to know what you gained from it and how it benefitted your business.

Look out for the Holiday Countdown package too….

PS – the sunset picture on this blog is what I had to endure every evening….tough eh?! 

If you missed Holidays Made Easy, head on over here!

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