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“How do you do it?”

How do you do it?

That’s a question I am often asked! How do I work with multiple businesses, juggle changing priorities, remember the little things as well as making sure that each client is fully supported with all my energy when I am working with them?

In this post I’m going to let you know my top three absolute non-negotiables to make sure my business (and me) are at their best.


Before you start to drift off in only the third paragraph of the blog, STOP. Yes, I know it’s a word we hear all the time. Organisation hacks, how we need to organise our days, our to do lists, our time. So much is written about organisation and I’m not going to jump on the band wagon here. Everyone has their own take on what that means for them, or not as the case may be!

However it looks for you, and whatever works for you, being organised is a necessity for my business. I run everything through Teamwork Projects, and I don’t know what I would do without it. I tried a few task and project management platforms as my business was growing, but this one, for me, is the best by far. Task management, time tracking, file storage, notes, links everything that is important for my business that I need at my finger tips all in one place. It syncs with with all devices, so when I’m on the go, I can keep up to date with what I need to do and by when.

I can also share this with clients and my team too if I need to, so we’re all up to date.

Using Teamwork makes organisation so easy I don’t even know I’m doing it. Have you looked at project management platforms yet for your business? 

Time Management

Yep, another heavily debated topic throughout the small business blogs! When I first left my job to start Virtually Does It full time, I couldn’t believe how long the days were and how much time I had. I would end up drifting from one thing to another, never really feeling like I was achieving anything. I’d get to the end of the day and wonder what I had been doing all day!

That’s when I started to block my time. Time for client work, time for business development, exercise, lunch, telephone calls, anything that needed time in a week got scheduled. Including those all important breaks which are so easy to forget when you work from home. Calls on my time have changed as both the business and me as a business owner have grown, but I still block my time and stick to it as my default setting. It has been so important to make sure I do what I need to for my clients, but also for my own business too. I am so much more productive now I have some structure to work around.

It took some getting used to, but I have found a happy balance and a routine that works. Some find this way of working it too structured, but even if you’re not sure, try it, even only loosely at the start, and see what difference it makes.


This is what it takes to be organised and practice good time management. I have learnt that it’s fundamental to what you do and how you do it, whatever your business is. You need to commit to what being organised means for you and do it. Stick to what you’re going to do when you’re going to do it, regardless if you “have time later” or not.

It’s easy to think you have all the time in the world when you run your own business, you can work when you like and how you like. On the flip side, you can end up working all hours from dawn to dusk.

Take time to put some solid foundations into your business that work for you, you like using, and make working in your business enjoyable and you’ve cracked it. Then commit to using them and you’re all set. Sure, things may change as your business changes, you may need different software, to tweak your time management, or add other priorities in, if what you use supports how you work, you’ll not see the join.

What are you going to commit to using in your business that you know will make a difference?

If you’d like a sounding board to work any of this out, then say hello, or take a look at my Pick and Mix sessions and let’s give your business a sweet treat to get some foundations in place for the New Year.


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