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How easy is it to be simple?

How Easy is it to be Simple?

I’ve written on the blog before about keeping things simple, and how important it is to try and keep what you’re doing this way so you can make working in your business as stress-free as possible.

All that said, it’s still very easy to get overwhelmed by everything there is to do, not just the day to day operational stuff, but how we want to progress our businesses too.  The little things become huge, the easiest of tasks become insurmountable and we’re then on a spiral of feeling frustrated that we’re not getting even the most important things done.

Stop. Do this first….

Step back. Put everything to one side and start from the beginning.  This is what I did this week when planning out my ideas and where I’d like to go with Virtually Does It through the rest of this year.  It suddenly all seemed so much to do, where would I start, who could help me?  Would I have the space to make it happen as well as working in my business?

Everything had gone from simple to complicated in about half an hour and I was rapidly going off the ideas that I had been so set on.  Perseverance kicked in, tea was made, Asana was opened and hey presto, everything is now back on track, processes set out, tasks set up and I’m on my way.

The overwhelm trap

This is so familiar when you are running your own business, it’s a common default setting that we all have, trying to keep our businesses evolving while keeping them working at the same time.  Here’s a few things to think about if you’re getting towards overwhelm:

  • Do you really need to do all of what you’re doing?
  • Are you doing everything yourself when you don’t need to? It can be a good idea to ask for help with things that you don’t need to understand, this could be website design for example, what would probably take you hours, would take an expert no time at all. 
  • Have you systems in place to help you simplify what you’re trying to do?  This might be as simple as a checklist every time you do the same thing.
  • Remember that good enough is good enough!  Sometimes perfectionism can stand in our way of keeping things simple.
  • Do you need to plan as much as you are on every single project? We can over plan to the finest detail of every small thing when really that is not necessary and adds to the overwhelm.
  • It can be a good idea to get someone else to set your systems up for you, to look at how you’re working with fresh eyes to see how you may be able to make things work better for you and your business.
  • Is your business simple? Or do you over complicate and end up overwhelmed?!

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