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How to avoid ‘Hair on Fire’ moments

how to avoid hair on fire moments

Hair on Fire Speed. 

You know, the one just before complete meltdown but just after rising panic?  We all have those days when there is so much we need, have and want to get done that even before we’ve had breakfast we’re thinking about all our tasks, wondering how we’re going to make it all happen.  

Well, why not think about this a bit differently.

Go. slow. 


Yes, really.

I said the word slow out loud.  Unheard of when you’re running your own business, right?


By just taking a moment so slow the pace at which your fingers are typing or your mind is thinking about the next thing three ticks down on your list, you may be amazed at how your focus shifts and your productivity increases.

Take a look at this video by Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project

Do you think this will work for you?

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