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How To Set Your Own Business Priorities (and get them done!)

how to set your own business priorities

This week, I’d like to share with you a really useful post from Nathalie Lussier on how setting business priorities is the key to guaranteeing results and actually getting things done. 

We’re all really good at setting priorities when we’re working ‘in’ our businesses, for work we do with our clients and associates and achieving our deadlines and completing the work. But what about when we’re working ‘on’ our business?  Not so great?

Nathalie shares some useful tips on how to plan to get things done (she also mentions Asana which is something I’ll be talking about next week when I take you behind the scenes at Virtually Does It and share what I use in my own business!) and how to avoid the trap of being reactive.

You can read the full blog post here.

How good are you at prioritising your own business priorities?

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