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My crystal ball has gone cloudy. Now what?

My Crystal Ball Has Gone Cloudy


Talking, tweeting, emailing, Skyping, texting.  They’re all now totally engrained in our lives.  In our hyper-connected world where ways to communicate are ever evolving, why are we forgetting the detail? 

Working with people and businesses the way that I do relies on me understanding the person behind the business I am working with, and what they’re all about, what they do and how they do it.  The only way that this will happen effectively is for us to spend time together, virtually of course! 

I once worked with someone who didn’t understand the concept of virtual assistance, or how it would work, despite me spending a huge amount of time explaining, trialling, testing and cajoling, they just didn’t get it.  We went from the two extremes; forgetting I was around to support them as I wasn’t sat in their office, to them assuming I knew what to do by thought waves alone, and therefore why wasn’t I getting on with it! 

As much as I would love to have a crystal ball sometimes where I was able to look in on my clients to see where they need help without being asked, it doesn’t work that way.

So how does it work?

Experience tells me that before you can make a big shift in any area of your business (or life) you have to slow down to eventually achieve more and make a positive difference.  The two are often opposing – slow down to do more?  Yep.

We can apply slowing down here to taking the time to talk to the people involved in your business so they get what you’re about, what you’re working on and how you need things to happen or work better.  I cannot stress enough how invaluable this is.  You’re then confident that you’ll get the best from the people you work with and you’ll have added a little more to your relationship too. 

You can’t achieve all of that in 140 characters. 

Think of it like an investment

If you want to value the support you have, you need to invest in that support, and I’m not talking about monetary value here, but time.  Time is the key investment you can make to ensure that everything is crystal clear.  

Investing in this way may seem frustrating, you know what you’re doing and by the time you have explained it all, you could have done half of it by now!  Am I right?  

How is that helping you long term?  It’s not as you’ll be just as frazzled and time-starved next month as you are this, unless you slow down to make time to make a change.

The clearer you can be, the less there will be clouding what you really need.

So it really is all about the detail?

Yes, it is, and I don’t think there will ever by any escaping that.  But is that such a bad thing? Not when your business and the way you work relies on it.  

Old skool ways?  May be, but ways that work.

If you’d like a sounding board to see how you could clear the clouds from your business, say hello and let’s talk (no obligations, I’d love to talk!).

If you’d like to keep in touch with Virtually Does It, you can do so here.

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