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Success. How do you measure it?

Success how do you measure it

Success.  A word that means different things to different people.

Is it how much money you earn?  How well known you are?  How you make a difference to the people you work with?

When I was in Los Angeles earlier this year, I went to Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame.  All the big names lined up along the sidewalk, the hand and foot prints outside the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.  Impressions of fame and success.  But what does it take to get a ‘gold star’?  It was more than I thought.  

All applications for the Walk of Fame are submitted to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and all are considered at an annual meeting in June. The application has to include qualifications (achievements/awards), and “a list of contributions to the community and civic-orientated participation”.  It’s not enough just to land a starring role in a blockbuster, appear in all the gossip columns, tweet your every move, or have thousands of likes on your Facebook page. Often our perception of being famous and successful in the showbiz (and business?) world.

While I was there, a well known American reality TV star had just had their application refused.  Despite there not being a category for ‘reality stars’ it was considered that they had not achieved anything other than going about their daily life and being filmed whilst doing it.

Although this star is incredibly famous, seen everywhere, has clothing lines, and a pop-star husband, they hadn’t the hard earned and deep rooted achievements that the awarding body were looking for.

So, two things here, Hollywood isn’t as fake as we all thought, and…….

Success isn't always what you see....

At Virtually Does It, success comes in lots of different ways.  It’s one of my values that we should celebrate our successes however small they may be.  Whether that’s ticking off a really small thing from your list that you’ve carried over five days in a row, or starting to work with a new client, both are equally worthy of feeling that sense of achievement.

We’re all very quick to focus on the big things.  The new business, the increase in sales, the recognition, and all of that is important to the wider picture of what running your own business is all about. 

But don’t forget the small things that may appear insignificant, but really motivate you and push your business along. 

Success isn’t just about what others see, or how they appear.  It is about the hard earned achievement, but you didn’t get that without a lot of little successes along the way!

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