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The 5 Step Process For Reviewing Your Plans This Easter

The 5 Step Process for Reviewing Your Plans This Easter

I love this time of year! To me, it’s almost filled with more positivity than New Year. The evenings are getting lighter, the weather is getting better (hopefully!) and we get a second burst of energy to make plans.

I always have so many ideas of things I would like to do, both for my business and for me, that it can get a bit overwhelming. Most of these ideas I carry around in my head, making a little progress on them here and there, making a few lists and so on, but progress can feel slow. I start off full of enthusiasm, only to feel it waning slightly as time goes on (I’m sure I’m not alone in this…?!) leading to frustration that nothing seems to be changing.

Why does this happen?

We don’t review what we’re doing enough. We carry on with an idea that was, at one time, spot on, when actually factors around us have changed meaning that our ideas need to change too.

Add to that we’re reluctant to divert from the original plan, or we’re letting everything that everyone else is doing cloud our judgment.

Follow this 5 step approach to review your plans to ensure you’re taking the right action.

Look back at your original plans and ideas. Think about whether your business is still in the same place then as it is now. Is this idea still feasible? Will it add value?

Look at the progress you have made so far to achieving what you want. If you’re almost there, keep going! If you’re not, what is stopping you from moving forward? Why? If progress is slow, it’s likely because you’re procrastinating or you haven’t prioritised time to work on it.

Make a Change
After doing steps 1 and 2, I am sure you have identified some areas that need to change. That could be the idea itself, how you’re working on it, or what you need to do to make it happen. Do you need to prioritise time? Do you need to ask for help to get past a block you’re having right now?

Now you know what changes you need to make, revise your plan. Write it down too. Use a notebook, a project management system, any way that suits you that you can keep track of your new plan. Put in actionable steps that you can take to move your ideas forward. Even what appear to be the tiniest of steps can give a huge sense of achievement.

You should now have a renewed sense of motivation, a clear structure of what you need to do to get your ideas moving again, and know what the next thing is to make it happen.

What projects have stalled for you that you can run this process on and get moving on again?

Do this as many times as you need to, just keep going!

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