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What else happens behind the scenes? (Part V of the Behind The Scenes series)

What else happens behind the scenes


In the final part of the Behind the Scenes Series, I wanted to bring together a few of the little things that go on, that aren’t necessarily worthy of their own blog post, but are still an important part of Virtually Does It.


I’ve written on the blog before (and have a post coming up too) on how important managing time and your diary is.  I have crafted my diary to reflect not just client and business commitments, but also things to do for myself such as exercise too. Time is very important to me, I am both open and flexible in the way I use it, and protective of it, and the way I manage my diary now totally reflects that (it has been a learning curve!).  

I even have time for a lunch break and tea break marked in there (not that I would ever forget to eat lunch!), but it reminds me that the time is taken rather than fitting things into my diary and ending up rushing to try and eat lunch at my desk between calls (something I left behind when I left work!). 

I was helping one of my clients with their time management recently and they thought this approach was too restrictive, that they would feel too bound by what was in their diary and it would stop them being creative.  However, we agreed they would try it for a month and now they won’t look back!  How you use your time is so important, and this way won’t be for everyone, but perhaps it’s a start to making your time work better for you?


I don’t know what I would do without Skype!  Working with clients who are based all over the world it’s really important to have the options to talk face to face, especially if we’re working on big projects together.  To be able to share a virtual cuppa with someone on the other side of the world helps build great relationships which is a big part of what virtual assistance and business support is all about.  

I don’t just use it with clients, but friends and virtual colleagues too, talking through business ideas and being accountable to each other to get things done is also a great help. 


Working from my home-office, I spend a lot of time on my own.  It’s sometimes really hard to be motivated when you don’t have the buzz of an office, or someone else to talk to.  Treacle Days, I call them, as it feels like you’re wading through treacle to get through!

Stepping away from my desk, going for a walk or exercise, doing something different for a little while all helps maintain a sense of perspective and can break a cycle of feeling unproductive.  I’m very lucky that working with such a variety of clients from different businesses, I always have a lot of different tasks and work on the go, but sometimes we all need a break from the norm. 

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this series. It has perhaps given you some ideas of how you can make what goes on in your own business work better for you, or perhaps you’ve just enjoyed a window on how I do things! 

I’d love to hear what makes your business work for you.  You can either get in touch on email, or leave a comment below! 

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