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What’s in a name…?

What's in a name

How important is what you call yourself when you run your own business?  Are you the traditional ‘Director’, or ‘Owner and Founder’ or perhaps ‘Chief Executive Officer’?

Or perhaps you’re more innovative with ‘Director of Client Astonishment’ or ‘Chief Geek’?

Depending on what type of business you are registered as (sole trader, or limited company for example) then you are required to be noted as certain titles on legal documents etc., but what about day to day? 

I had an identity crisis a few weeks ago.  One of my lovely clients mentioned me in an email as her ‘Office Manager and PA person’ and it didn’t seem to fit.  We then had a light-hearted email exchange between us which started with me saying that I really needed to think of a proper name for myself. Neither Office Manager or PA seemed to sit quite right with what I was actually doing, and perhaps VA doesn’t totally either. 

She came back with a few suggestions. Goddess?  Chief Organising Officer?  Magician?

And then overnight this appeared from her in my inbox….

Super her(o)

It made me smile for most of the day!

Am I any clearer?  Yes.  And one thing has become much clearer.  When we run our own businesses, we’re not job titles, moulding to a written job description.

Take Virtual Assistance.  Predominantly ‘admin’ based, right?  Well, I probably do traditional administration work for about 20% of my client portfolio. It’s about the ‘assistance’ part.  What does that business need? What does that client as an individual need?  Social media support?  Invoices sending? A sounding board? Setting new workflows to make everything run more efficiently?

Of course we have a core business, but how we work within the realm of that and the parameters (or not) we chose to give it, varies greatly depending on who we’re working with.

Does it matter what we’re called?

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