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Virtual Support Solutions

Doing everything yourself in your business can be hard going. It’s great at the start, but then as your business grows, you’re busier and enjoying working in your business so much, that a few cracks start creeping in behind the scenes.

You feel overwhelmed by all there is to do. All you really want to be doing is what you do best, the reason you set up your business in the beginning.

Well, there is another way.



Project Management Support Solutions

Admin Support

Good business and administration processes are the backbone to any business, but are often the one thing that gets forgotten about.

Creative Support

Creative Support

A strong brand enhances any business and it’s important that this is consistent, reinforcing your message throughout your business, on and offline.


Project Management

Project Management

Action planning and maintaining momentum to make business ideas a success.



Shaping your business the way you want, making sure it reflects what’s important to you in work and life!

I support small business owners just like you. I take the weight off the nitty- gritty essential tasks that keep things ticking over in the

You might need help with administration, reports, spreadsheets, and proposals, your emails or managing your diary. You might need new ideas to help your social media activity, or more efficient ways to manage your time and your to-do lists. There’s an idea that you want to develop for your business but you need help with action planning, a sounding board, and someone to help you make it happen.

That’s all part of the support too.

At Virtually Does It it’s not all about the to-do lists, and it’s certainly not just about admin. It’s about providing a flexible solution that fits your business, giving you the help and the headspace where you need it most, whatever that may be.

Successful businesses don’t stay still for long, so what you need now, you may not need in six months time. That’s OK, the support can grow as your business grows.

This is perfect for you if….

  • You’re ready to really make a big difference to how you work and how your business operates. 
  • You’d like someone to help you with everything that goes on behind the scenes and you’re ready to share your to-do list. 
  • You like the idea of having a ‘plus 1’ in your business who can help you plan and organise, help change what’s not working, all meaning you can do what you enjoy the most.

This isn’t really your thing if….

  • You’re happy with the way your business is working.
  • You don’t want anyone else to be a part of what you do, you’re happy just as you are.

Sound just what you need? Then say hello and lets arrange at time to talk. It all starts with a conversation.

Packages and investment vary depending on the support you require.

Client Spotlight

Ian Weightman
Ian Weightman Media Services

Ian Weightman is Managing Director of Ian Weightman Media Services specialising in destination PR. Ian represents some of the finest areas in the UK and Europe. Over the 28 years he has been in business, Ian has become extremely well known and well respected by top travel writers and journalists all over the world.


Pick & Mix:

You know those times when you really need help carrying out just one important task that you know will make a big difference? Virtually Does It can help. Why not give your business a sweet treat?

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Systems made simple:

Is your business suffering because you don’t know how to implement that processes that will help you do what you do best? It’s not just about what you do but how you do it, and this package will make working in your business a dream, and you’ll be the most organised you’ve ever been!

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She’s smart, and works really well when you let her understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve. The chances are that she’ll have ideas you won’t have had. And that if you run with them, you’ll get a better, more value-added outcome, than you’d imagined.

Christine Livingston, Livingston Consulting