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Christine Livingston

Christine Livingston is Director (or Chief Co-Creator of Genius and Fabulosity!) at Livingston Consulting. Christine works with entrepreneurs and business leaders enabling them to create unorthodox results, by being their very best selves and turning that into their unique advantage. Christine also works with people who want to make big shifts in their personal lives as well as their business.

 She’s also writing her first book.

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Why did you first seek my help?

Last year, I wanted help to automate my social media stuff. I think that’s really where it started!   I had no support at all. I was doing and organizing everything myself – and attending to detail is not a strength of mine whatsoever!

That seems like a lifetime ago to where we are now!  What do you find the most useful and valuable about what I do and how we work together?

Your readiness to just get on and do things and your ability to make things concrete.  By things, I mean not just our day to day work, but also with bigger projects and changes in the business.  You break things down and create action steps which we then work through to achieve what we set out to.  You also keep tabs on us as we go!

What have been the benefits to both your business and to you personally from us working together?

For the business, I think it’s hard to quantify: I’ve been experimenting with direction and have indeed implemented changes over the period we’ve worked together but…I think I’ve personally benefited from having someone else who I feel has my back and is part of my team.

What is new for you because we are working together?

We’ve been focusing on the customer experience and have put things in place to be able to really create an exclusive ‘feel’ for anyone who comes into contact with Livingston Consulting.  We’ve got ourselves a CRM system that seems to really meet our needs. The process to getting there, however, was less than easy and you were a vital part in enabling us to really get to the point where we got things working for us and on more of our terms. 

By the same token, although you didn’t personally instigate it, I think it has been easier to contemplate a complete shift in business direction because I have a sense of how you can support it (even if that unfolds as the whole idea unfolds). 

From the start, you have always been very willing to be a part of my business and say honestly what you see and think about things.  You stay upbeat and motivated when I might not be feeling the same if things are tough, always bringing with you your sense of humour and fun.

As well as a coach, Christine is also a writer. I first became a big fan of Christine’s writing way back in 2009 when I was just starting to think big about starting my own business and leaving my day-job.  I downloaded her e-book ‘7 Soul Sucking Career Mistakes’ which formed one of the foundation blocks on the path to build this business.  I love her honesty, humour, real grit and most of all her insightful talent to write which speaks directly to what is true for you.  If you’re not familiar with her writing, check it out here, this is where her real, tell it as it is stuff happens.

On a business level, I’ve supported Christine as her business ideas have come to life.  It’s great to be part of her developing business and exciting to see new ideas emerge and the successes that brings for Christine.  Looking forward to what’s to come! 

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“Katie always provides a very professional, personable and efficient service and delivers tremendous value for money. She is very flexible and adaptable and seems to be able to handle anything we can throw at her – in a relatively short time she has become a key member of our growing business!”

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