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Ian Weightman

Ian Weightman is Managing Director of Ian Weightman Media Services specialising in destination PR.  Ian represents some of the finest areas in the UK and Europe.  Over the 28 years he has been in business, Ian has become extremely well known and well respected by top travel writers and journalists all over the world.

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Why did you first seek my help?

A simple need (I thought at the time) for some ‘clerical support’ for my business.  I was unsure how it would work, but I felt I just needed some help with many of the day-to-day behind-the-scenes ‘chores’. 

What was your situation before we started working together? 

I was working alone, but able to call on a number of trusted “associates” who were capable of helping me fulfill my clients’ requirements.  I also had to deal with all other aspects of the business – including day-to-day paperwork, reporting, book-keeping, etc.  But I had little time to actually develop and ‘nurture’ the business.

How do I help you the most and what do you most value?  

The original idea of “some clerical support for my business” quickly evolved.  Part of that remains – but what I wasn’t expecting was the overall business support.  How do you help most now?  In just about every aspect of the business!  Branding, personal branding, communication, reports, fresh ideas, business support and most importantly of all as a trusted “sounding board”. It’s not just what you do, it’s also the way in which you do it – displaying a consistent level of professionalism that inspires confidence. 

What have been the benefits to both your business and to you personally from working together?

As well as the general day-to-day support, it has also brought something to the business which was previously missing: a keen “weather eye” on the way in which the business is perceived by clients and customers alike – many of whom have been quick to comment on the improvements, and regular innovations.

What is new for you because we are working together?

A fresh perspective.  Having someone who can take a look at all aspects of the business.  And someone who is constantly bringing new ideas to the table. It’s incredibly reassuring knowing that, in the background, there is always an extra pair of trustworthy hands…  And someone who is looking at ways of helping the business evolve. Ian is one of my longest standing clients.  I thoroughly enjoy working with him on both a personal and professional level.  Being a very small part of the journey to what his business has become today is very rewarding. 

Thanks for letting me join you Ian, and I know we’ve got more to come!

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