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Client Spotlight

Julie Drybrough

Julie is founder of fuchsiablue.  She’s an Organisational Consultant, coach and facilitator.  Julie works with people to develop better conversations; she coaches individuals, facilitates team days and designs strategies to help deliver sensible solutions.  Julie is very engaged in social media and her blog was recently noted in the top 50 most socially shared learning and development blogs.

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Why did you first seek my help?

I was setting a new intention/direction for the business and recognised I needed support / resource to grow into the new direction.

What was your situation before we started working together?

Fuchsiablue is a small consultancy – client work is essentially with me directly, or through collaboration. This means a lot of meetings, relationship building, staying in touch with people and so forth. I run events and training – I need to be organised and know where I am going, what I need when I get there and how I’m going to get there – I was often not great at being on point. I was both “technician” and “strategist” in the business – doing everything and delivering everything. I frequently got snarled up in detail. I created the solutions to my own problems – which was OK, but is still limiting. I interviewed a few VA types before we talked. You were the first who really seemed to be on side with me as a client – you were clear about what you brought, but you wanted the best for the businesses and people you worked with. You totally “got” my world is not 9-5 Monday to Friday. It was an easy decision to work with you.

How do I help you the most? 

Firstly, having someone look over my current practices, systems and methods was challenging but ultimately massively useful. I had some bad habits in terms of my filing, the office systems I used, my paper diary etc. The fuchsiablue business systems were set up for me, for my use. When we started working together, I had to shift what I did to accommodate someone else using the systems, which meant changing things. I wanted to listen to you – because you brought new ideas and perspectives – so right at the offset, there was improvement and efficiencies. Now you help because you have an understanding of what I do and you make suggestions to support that – you are always looking for new opportunities. You come up with ideas and send me lists saying: right, this is where we are:  so you help me focus and pay attention to things that support the business and my clients. I can rely on you. I can ask you to do something and it gets done. You organise meetings, travel, insurance, set up events and send out mailshots…. But you also check in with me and point me toward other things.

What do you value the most about the support that I provide?

I value being able to rely on you. When I’m delivering to 25 Managers in Bonn, I can relax, because you are keeping an eye on emails & helping set up the next thing…. I value having a Skype cuppa with you as we go over the things that need to be done – somehow the virtual thing isn’t too virtual at all.

What have been the benefits to both your business (e.g. growth, achieving goals etc.) and to you personally from working together?

I definitely do more ambitious things – if I’m feeling nervous or overwhelmed about contacting someone or running something, I have someone to talk to about how to do it. This year alone I’ve started using Eventbrite, MailChimp and an electronic diary. These seem small things – but they are massive in terms of impact to the business. I like working with you. I like sending you an email after a good/bad meeting because you get how important it has been. 

Anything else you think is worth mentioning?

I know myself to be very stubborn. For someone who works as a change agent, I recognise my own limitations to bringing in new ways of working and doing things differently. You help me. You nudge and challenge my thinking, which I always appreciate. You work with humour, insight, wit and precision. You are an absolute asset to fuchsiablue and that’s why I recommend you on to other people. Julie is so much fun to work with.  As with every client I work with, I truly believe in her business, Julie has great impact in the work that she does with fuchsiablue, and it’s a pleasure to be on the FB team. 

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