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Rob Woods

Rob Woods

Rob is founder of Bright Spot Fundraising. He’s an award-winning trainer and has helped organisations of every size, from small charities with little dedicated resource, to some of the world’s leading non-profit organisations, raise more money through his training techniques. Rob’s also an inspiring speaker and motivational coach.

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Why did you first seek my help?

I wanted to grow my business but realised I would never manage to do this if I carried on trying to do everything myself, especially things that are not my particular interest or strength, like admin, invoicing, booking travel and setting up better systems.

What was your situation before we started working together?

I was good at my key skills of delivering great training and finding customers, but frustrated that I never had time to do projects that would add more value to customers, or grow the number of people I could help. And periodically I would get frustrated as I knew I wasn’t doing certain admin tasks as efficiently as they could be done, so I’d be up at 11pm the day before a training day, still trying to book some train tickets and annoyed that it had happened again.

How do I help you the most? 

Lots of ways, but the key ones are…

Less stress and worry that there are things that need doing that I haven’t done. To know that on any given day I can just forward or ask you to solve things, gets them off my plate, so that I can think about other things and I trust that you’ll handle them (I don’t have to worry or check up).

Improving systems and ways to get more efficient and business like, so that I can save time, and do more training and product making that will help my customers.

What do you value the most about the support that I provide?

In terms of being very organised, professional, efficient, as although I think I’m professional, I’m not always the other two.

I really appreciate that you have a good business brain and good emotional intelligence, which means you’re always easy to talk to and also you help me think through and solve things to make decisions. Without this I would probably take much longer to make decisions especially in areas that are new to me or not my favourite topics.

You’re proactive, both on existing issues and also to suggest ideas even when I hadn’t thought to ask for them.

What have been the benefits to both your business and to you personally from working together?

I help more charities to raise more money, empower more fundraisers to be more professional, prepared, confident and I earn more.

This has happened in particular because with your help I’m able to put on open public courses, not just in-house ones, including my most lucrative events, my 6 month programmes. And part of the reason I’m able to do this is the value you help me to add with extra products like CDs and tips booklets which you have helped me to get done.

What is new for you because we are working together?

In literal terms the assets include a six month programme I can continue to roll out; a one day course; a brunch format to feed the pipeline; a DVD, CDs, two tips booklets; my Bright Spot Fundraising pop-up banner.

Plus, the very optimistic feeling that I will be able to continue to grow and try more ambitious, difficult-seeming products, projects, ways of working, because with your help I’ll be able to handle whatever new challenges and extra tasks such things bring.

A better work-life balance than I had two years ago. I still work hard, but the feeling of being able to choose different gears when appropriate, and still be growing the business, rather than a constant slog being the only way to make progress, also makes me happy.

Anything else you think is worth mentioning?

I’m very proud of the progress I’ve made in my business over the last two years. I’m working in a different way, reaching more people, and earning more, which in turn is great for me and my family. There are a number of things that I’ve done to get to this point, but the most significant factor that has enabled me to do this was the decision to appoint you as my VA. Thank you!!!

Rob is full of energy and enthusiasm for developing his own business but also for the charities that he works with.  Rob and I have been working together for just over two and a half years and a lot has been achieved in that time!  It’s great to be a part of his growing business, to be involved in plans and see his ideas come to life.

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